Bob Chaundy


 I was introduced to ceramics in the 1970’s when I saw a potter demonstrating throwing on the wheel at a local craft show. As most people are, I was mesmerized!  After seeing this I began researching building a wheel and glazing techniques. After much experimentation and building my own (lopsided) wheel I also constructed a catenary arch kiln that was propane powered. The following decades were filled with more experimentation--with the wheel, mixing and applying glazes, and decorating the functional items I made. I read all I could find and talked to many working artists.

 Today my work reflects all I have learned over the years. I still concentrate on functional stoneware items. I am currently experimenting with and perfecting techniques to construct larger pieces for home decoration. I fire in reduction and oxidation to bring out the depth of colors in the clay and glazes. I fire in a Bailey propane shuttle kiln at cone 10 to temperatures up to 2380 degrees. The excitement of opening the kiln after a glaze firing is as strong as ever. 

 I enjoy mixing and altering glazes, applying by dipping and pouring to achieve interesting effects such as overlapping to make tri-colored pieces. I apply slip or ash and use tools to add texture.

After more than 45 years I am still challenged and in awe of the process of creating something from clay. When I am holding a freshly wedged ball of clay I feel something familiar but full of new possibilities.

 I am fortunate to be recognized locally for my work and am encouraged by the support of others in the Mt. Gretna art community.

I can be reached at