Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis

Now that it is officially fall I have time to reflect back on my busy summer and look forward to planning new work for the winter months. I traveled to North Carolina at the end of June to take a workshop with Catherine White, Wood Firing and the Expressive Hand. I am really excited to have had this opportunity I am working through my ideas for the next wood firing here in Lancaster with Kevin Lehman’s Pottery.

My piece, Sea Oat Grass Platter (2”H x 16” W x 12”D) was accepted into the Strictly Functional Pottery National Exhibit juried by Malcolm Mobutu Smith. The exhibit opened on September 20th and will run through October 26th (See image below).

It was exciting to help bring the Trashy Women with Maggie Creshkoff to the gallery for the month of October. We just had our First Friday event with them which was really fun. Maggie did a special art project making tin can people. You can see our slide show by looking at our blog.

Most of the work I make is functional, meant to hold either food or flowers.   I studied Japanese culture in college, lived in Japan for awhile, and more recently, I took a class to learn Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).   Since taking the class I have become even more interested in making containers for flowers.   I love the way the natural elements that I try to capture in the work are complemented by the actual nature (the flowers, leaves, and branches) in the flower arrangement.   The idea of creating a little universe and bringing it inside to enjoy intrigues me. I make most of my work from slabs of clay that are decorated with multiple layers of slip (colored liquid clay) that I make marks in to create a dynamic surface.   I have also recently started experimenting with using an extruder to create forms.  

I am fortunate to be able to fire my work using different firing techniques.  I currently fire in my electric kiln, in a friend’s gas kiln, or with a group of friends in a wood kiln.  I love being able to experiment and find that what I learn from a particular technique enhances all of my work.    

You can contact me at: To see more of my work click on the link to my personal web site below:

Round Bottom Cups

Round Bottom Cups