Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis

My exciting news is that I will be traveling to North Carolina at the end of June to take a workshop with Catherine White, Wood Firing and the Expressive Hand. I am really thrilled to have this opportunity and hope to have lots of great pots to show when I get back.

Most of the work I make is functional, meant to hold either food or flowers.   I studied Japanese culture in college, lived in Japan for awhile, and more recently, I took a class to learn Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).   Since taking the class I have become even more interested in making containers for flowers.   I love the way the natural elements that I try to capture in the work are complemented by the actual nature (the flowers, leaves, and branches) in the flower arrangement.   The idea of creating a little universe and bringing it inside to enjoy intrigues me. I make most of my work from slabs of clay that are decorated with multiple layers of slip (colored liquid clay) that I make marks in to create a dynamic surface.   I have also recently started experimenting with using an extruder to create forms.  

I am fortunate to be able to fire my work using different firing techniques.  I currently fire in my electric kiln, in a friend’s gas kiln, or with a group of friends in a wood kiln.  I love being able to experiment and find that what I learn from a particular technique enhances all of my work.    

You can contact me at: To see more of my work click on the link to my personal web site below:

Round Bottom Cups

Round Bottom Cups